LGTBQ Poster About Elly Poster Ad depicting a spaceship flying through the city with a person holding a camera taking its photo. I have been exploring creating a typeface and thought this one would be perfect for this project. As you will see, the letters L G B & T were excluded from the list. I chose this approach to demonstrate that ALL people are a part of humanity and derived from the same global community, much like letters in the alphabet. Regardless of how they identify, they should not be excluded for their differences of opinion. The movie is about Elly, who was babysitting a group of children and one of them went missing. While searching for him they found him in the sea and she jumped in to save him, but she drowned instead, which is why I included the image of someone under the water. There is a shadow of a child playing on a swing; however, they are missing from the swing to represent the child who was lost. Advertisement poster for a camera that emphasizes its capabilities to capture imagery that is out of this world.